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For a bit of travel nostalgia, we now put the BR 64 steam locomotive as a locomotive pencil holder on the desk. Up until the mid-1970s, the locomotive brought passengers on the branch lines from A to B. Today we use this steam locomotive to transport our favorite pens. With 12 compartments, this locomotive offers plenty of space for pens and rulers. Perfect for large and small train drivers.

SKU WΕ2093 Dimensions 9.2 x 7.8 x 27.5 cm Age 4+ years old Color Black Weight 0.145 kg

Green ambitions

20 environmentally sustainable years- sensitive handling of environment and resources.

Since its foundation Werkhaus has shown through their vivid products and projects that eco-friendly standards in combination with an ambitious design do not have to be a niche product. The materials are local fibreboards in E0 and E1 quality standards as well as FSC–certified and recycled paper, the colours and waxes are solvent-free and do not contain any toxic or hazardous substances. Werkhaus GmbH works with reduced CO2 emissions in production and transport. The efficient production process uses little energy. The electricity comes from 'Greenpeace Energy' exclusively from renewable energy sources. The small amount of wood trimmings is used in our own wood-fired heating plant. The products are sold in single units in flat packaging and are delivered as 'go green' packages. The parts availability guarantee makes it possible to repair the product, maintain its value and produce less waste.

Werkhaus connects you

The original Werkhaus connecting system is characteristic for all Werkhaus products. Sticking things together without any glue or screws, does this work?

For sure! From the very beginning the connecting system has never stopped to convince. The idea behind is as simple as brilliant: Customized single parts and rubber rings make innovative and solid products. A smart connecting technique, that inspires and that is full of creative potential for a variety of outstanding product ideas.

The established connecting system has won many awards, some products are exhibited in museums. The connecting system- protected by copyright- reduces packaging and transport to a minimum. The products can be assembled just as easy as dismantled or stored.

Fascinated by the form, convinced of the system...

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