We just go crazy to see happy kids. That was the reason why we started the first Flexa store in Greece in 2008.

This is still our motivation which motivates the 22, now, people of the team to be close to you and the children every day, with enthusiasm, willingness to listen to you and willing to suggest ideas.

Whether you meet Eugenia or Christina in a store, or talk to Nicolas on Instagram, Facebook or on the phone, everyone will talk passionately about your needs and your children's'.

live. play. dream.
We grow together

Flex Living Happy Childhood

For more than 50 years, FLEXA has been bringing joy to children around the world with the unique design of children's furniture and interiors

With a bed that evolves you can configure your bed and your space according to the needs of each period. You can start with a low bed, raise it a bit to create space for play, combine it with an extra bed and combine two children, raise it high enough to have desk space underneath or go back again low and add drawers or a guest bed.

The FLEXA collections include bed systems that transform into spaces for play and imagination, as well as desks and chairs with an ergonomic design for the child, as well as all the storage spaces needed in a children's room.


We are always looking for decorations, toys and accessories that make children happier and more creative.

Here you will find our latest arrivals.
New Hello Hossy HELLO HOSSY. Mini Dive cap €30,00
New Oli & Carol OLI&CAROL. Chlorophyll leaf baby teether €16,00
New Affenzahn AFFENZAHN. Backpack Large Friends Turtle €60,00
Cozy Activities - Explorer's Binoculars
Let's spend our afternoon creatively making binoculars for our little explorers.

You will need:
Paper roll (from kitchen paper or toilet paper

f L
Starting in 1972 in Denmark, it is now one of the leading manufacturers of children's furniture in the world, with a presence in over 80 countries.

FLEXA creates the right conditions for our children to grow up in a safe, functional and creative environment. Made from materials provided to us by Mother Nature, FLEXA furniture evolves along with the children as they grow up, and adapts to their needs.

FLEXA, because children grow up.
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Make inspiring places with products that provide autonomy and safety to the child and fit into any room of the house.

Having achieved the ideal combination of safety, style, durability and usability, Nobodinoz offers a range of products in timeless designs that you can trust for many years. All items are designed and manufactured in Barcelona with passion and love, using the safest materials and the strictest certifications, controlling the quality at every step.
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Lorena Canals
Lorena Canals is the designer who introduced the concept of washable carpets, creating practical products in wonderful designs. Twice a year you will find new designs in handmade carpets, pillows and accessories made of 100% natural cotton, which are great for both the children room and the rest of the rooms.

Lorena Canals products are manufactured using safe materials and non-toxic paints. They meet all quality and safety standards for children, and can be easily washed in the washing machine.
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Little Dutch
Starting more than a decade ago in Netherlands, Little Dutch is a family business that has created a wide collection of beautifully designed, high-quality eco-friendly products for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Incredibly soft and made for utmost comfort, Little Dutch collections consist of functional, timeless and unique items from toys, clothes and bed linen to essentials and decoration with attention to detail and safety.

Little Dutch is all about making children and parents happy … after all happiness lies in the little things in life!
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