Kapok Duvet (200Χ140) (23140200)

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Treat yourself to the original kapok duvet from nsleep, which is designed, developed and tested in Denmark.The ventilating duvet is free of bleach, chemicals and other harmful substances and has a sweat-transporting effect, so you can sleep comfortably and dry. At the same time, it keeps you warm if the room is cold.It provides good comfort and a quieter sleep - which is essential for your health.Today, lots of people have symptoms of house dust mite allergy, such as itchy eyes and frequent sneezing and coughing, especially in the morning. Kapok contributes to a healthy and allergy-free sleeping environment.Easy to maintain, the duvet simply requires tumble drying as needed to remove dust mites and bacteria that can only sit on the outside of the fabric.

SKU 83-70264 Dimensions 140 x 200 cm Age 0+

When you receive your duvet:

Many people are used to washing new duvets before using them, to wash away any excess color and/or any chemical additives in the fabric. This is not necessary when you buy a duvet from Nsleep, as it is completely free of additives and chemicals.

It is a good idea to give the duvet a ride in the dryer before use, as it will 'fluff' the kapok, but is not necessary.

Ongoing maintenance:

Nsleep recommends hanging regularly your duvet for ventilation in the sun, as kapok loves sun and heat.

Give your Nsleep duvet a ride in the dryer at a minimum of 55°C for about 20'. This will aerate the fine kapok fibers and cleanse of house dust mites, bacteria and allergens, which can sit on the outside of the upholstery. House dust mites and bacteria can not live in kapok.

It is not necessary to wash:

Studies show that tumble dryers effectively remove house dust mites, bacteria and allergens. No washing and subsequent long drying is necessary to keep your Nsleep duvets clean and healthy. At the same time, you save energy and wastewater discharge into our environment.

If you choose to wash your duvet:

We recommend 40°C, but can also be washed at 60°C. When washing your duvet, use an enzyme-free detergent and do not use fabric softener. Take the duvet out of the dryer every ½ hour and knock each side thoroughly so that the kapok is evenly distributed and you get the kapok fibers separated from each other. If the duvet is not totally dry, repeat the drying process.You should be aware that if you use a condensate dryer, a significantly longer drying is required. We recommend drying your duvet in a tumble dryer.

Wash of adult duvets:

We recommend a laundry when washing adult duvets, as it can be difficult to dry adult duvets in ordinary dryers. If you choose laundry, the above washing instructions must be followed.

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