Pillow Kapok (70x50)

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Treat yourself to the original kapok pillow from nsleep, which is designed, developed and tested in Denmark. Kapok is 100% organic and without additives or use of chemicals in the processing. Neither dust mites nor bacteria can live in kapok, which is an extremely allergy-friendly material - and thus good for your health. As a ventilating material consisting of 80% air, the kapok reflects the heat of the head in a comfortable and natural way, so that you do not sweat or freeze. The pillow is equipped with a zipper, so you can adjust the filling yourself for the best support and comfort. Easy to maintain, the pillow simply requires tumble drying as needed to remove dust mites and bacteria that can only sit on the outside of the fabric.

SKU 83-70266 Dimensions 50 x 70 cm Age 0+
Washing Instructions for Pillows:

When You Receive Your Pillow
Many people are accustomed to washing new pillows before using them to remove any excess dye and potential chemical additives in the fabric. This is unnecessary when you purchase a pillow from Nsleep, as it is made without additives and chemicals. It is a good idea to give the pillow a spin in the dryer before use to fluff the kapok, but it is not essential.

Ongoing Maintenance
We recommend regularly hanging your pillow out to air, preferably in the sun, as kapok loves sunlight and warmth.
Put your Nsleep pillow in the dryer at a minimum of 55 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes as needed. This will refresh the fine kapok fibers and clean away dust mites, bacteria, and allergens that can reside on the outer fabric. Dust mites and bacteria cannot live in kapok.

Washing is Not Necessary
Studies show that tumble drying effectively removes dust mites, bacteria, and allergens. Washing and subsequent long drying are not required to keep your Nsleep pillows clean and fresh. You also save energy and reduce wastewater discharge into our environment.

Washing a Pillow with a Zipper
When washing your junior or adult pillow with a zipper, you must remove the kapok from the pillow before washing. Wash the cover and after it is dried, refill the cover with kapok. An extra tumble dry is recommended to fluff the kapok fibers in the pillow.

Washing a Baby Pillow without a Zipper
When washing your baby pillow, you should use an enzyme-free detergent and avoid using fabric softener.
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