Baghera. Classic Red Pedal Car

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A “collector’s” pedal car for children! Inspired by the 1930s, with a deliciously retro style, this metal car is very well equipped with a chrome grille, two large headlights and a windscreen handle. Well settled at the wheel of this superb “tacot”, chic and full of charm, the little ones will be proud to get on board to go on an adventure!

This Baghera car is equipped with a back pedaling system, which allows a child from 3 to 6 years old to pedal easily. Thanks to this system, the child moves freely and without risk (no chain, no sprockets,…). The child can also put his feet on the ground to move forward. The pedals are adjustable in 3 positions, which will allow the cockpit to be adjusted to the child’s growth.

An ideal birthday and decoration gift!

SKU B11938 Dimensions 80 x 50 x 40 cm Age 3 - 6 years old Color Red
  • Real Fuctional steering.
  • Rubber tyres wiil help the ride-on remaim stable and move quietly around the house, on a typpeof ground, house, tarmac, gravel and grass, etc.).
  • Develops child's motor skills, the child will instictively undersytand how to move forward and turn.

  • Solid and durable toy, designed in France and made of metal.
  • Seat height: 50 cm.
  • Max Permissible Weight: 25 kg.
  • An ideal birthday and decoration gift!
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