Προστατευτικό στρώματος Καπόκ 1x200x90

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The mattress topper protects your new or old mattress against wear and extends its life, while at the same time it also gives to your mattress a water-repellent (protective) layer, as kapok does not absorb moisture. The topper is easy to wash and maintain and protects your mattress very well (note: The topper is not waterproof and cannot replace a wet bed sheet).

Today, mattress toppers have a greater purpose than just protecting the mattress. Therefore, the perfect mattress topper has kapok as filling material. Even though the topper is thin, the fantastic kapok fibers will still help transport the sweat away and ensure a good and healthy sleeping environment without house dust mites and other unpleasant things that might disturb your night's sleep.

SKU 83-10322 Dimensions 90 x 200 cm Age 0+

When you receive your mattress topper:

Many people are used to washing new products before using them to wash away any excess color and any chemical additives in the fabric. This is not necessary when buying an Nsleep product as it is without additives and chemicals.

Ongoing maintenance:

Nsleep recommends that you tumble dry your mattress topper at a minimum of 55°C for 20-30'. This will 'fluff' the fine kapok fibers and cleanse house dust mites and bacteria that are everywhere in our sleeping environment. The dust mites can sit on the outside of the upholstery, but will not go down into the mattress topper to multiply, as house dust mites and bacteria cannot live in kapok.

It is not necessary to wash:

Studies show that tumble dryers effectively remove house dust mites, bacteria and allergens. Washing and subsequent long drying are not necessary to keep your mattress topper free of dust mites. Washing the roller mattress is recommended only if there has been an 'accident' in the bed or it really needs to.

If you choose to wash your duvet:

We recommend washing at 40°C, thereby saving energy and thus protecting the environment. When washing your mattress topper with kapok, you should use an enzyme-free detergent and refrain from using fabric softener. After washing and before drying, it is important to stretch the roller mattress on both ends, as washing will cause it to shrink a little.


When tumble drying, run on the hottest program until the topper is completely dry. You must be aware that if you have a condensate dryer that measures the humidity in the workpiece, you must set it manually and with a temperature of at least 55°C, otherwise there is a chance that the machine will switch off before the hood is completely dry. We recommend that you use a dryer with an extractor when drying all Nsleep products. You can instead lay the mattress topper for drying on a radiator (but not an electric radiator), or hang it out to dry. When it feels dry, finish with a short tumble dryer of 15-20' to 'fluff' the kapok fibers.

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